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torsdag 16 maj 2013

Posted by: samuel Hello friend you did not know that there are psychopaths in society?

Posted by: samuel
Hello friend you did not know that there are psychopaths in society?
Psychopathy is a serious personality disorder term psychopathy has a more than 200-year history, but the phenomenon is attested in written sources since several thousand years. Psychopathy is what you call a descriptive (descriptive) diagnosis and is considered as a slush diagnosis.

When we talk about the psychopathic personality disorder is a spectrum of real biological and psychological deviation tillstånd.som appreciated. Today, the word psychopathy little too frequently to explain a variety of behaviors that are difficult to explain.

Psykoapti is a serious diagnosis and requires a deeper investigation because this can tetstet only give you a rough estimate if a person has the personality traits social dysfunctions that kännetcknar psychopathy. Like other personality traits, there are different types of psychopaths.

Psychopathy in intersection narcissistic, border-line and antisocial personality disorder of externalizing disorders. The reason for this assertion is that psychopathy characteristics form three distinct facets. The reason for this test is based on three distinct facets.
Facet 1 (intrapersonal Narcissistic Personality Disorder).
A psychopath living with delusions and found all the time because they tend to gossip behind the backs of others and try to get rid of the aggressive innermost difficulties. They usually talk shit behind your back to another it is called slander as one can be envious or jealous of what others can and what others can not.
When that person go and talk bad behind your back to another human being and that's the same as addiction and it will do just against those who speak with when meeting or would talk to another human being and we call them psychopaths.
4 things people can do to speak or talk badly about another person.
1 - envy and jealousy.
2 - person with paranoid

3 - the person with schizophrenia affects Blind
4 - happened something difficult in his life when her children were. Or live with delusions jo delusions can be dangerous too.
Unnecessary biases
for example, they can not sleep thinking all the time why not say why it does not turn it will anger a lot to think of such people.
Displaced their prejudices and without being aware of this situation
Facet 2 (Affective - meet the criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder).

Facet 3 (Lifestyle - meet criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder).

This test is designed to measure whether your partner may be suffering from psychopathy.
What is a sociopath?

A sociopath has the characteristics of a psychopath. Sociopath has had a vulnerable childhood (violence, abuse, insecurity, etc). That gave him / her a personality that is different from what is usually considered normal.
A sociopath as a psychopath, they almost have the same basic .... a sociopath jo have trouble accepting other people's idea or other people a sociopath can attack the other's personality.
There are well produce a big difference between men and women about the disease the same against society.
Sociopath exhibits the same behavior as a psychopath. Sociopath and psychopath sees himself as higher or better than any other. He feels it can require special admiration and respect of others.
Some authors who researched on sociopathy / psychopathy questions about it are two different personality disorders. It could be one and the same disorder. In the cases trauma during childhood led to a sociopathic behavior, it would in this case be due to brain damage.

Another theory put forward is that a sociopathic behavior may depend on the environment during childhood and brain damage. That is a difficult childhood in connection with a disturbance in the brain work together to create disorder sociopathy.

The same theory says that if childhood was normal without social traumas such person had not developed their sociopathic behavior.

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