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lördag 18 maj 2013

Girl files complaint against three of her brothers

Girl files complaint against three of her brothers.

In a statement to Warvin, a source from bureau of confronting violence against women in Chamchamal said, the incident happened on (May 6, 2013) 3 brothers inhumanly tortured their sister and left scars on her body.

“After informing police and our bureau, we have investigated the case, the girl named (E,H,M) who was born in 1990, filed complaint against her brothers and they have been arrested upon judge’s decision.” He added

According to the source, the judge set one of his brothers free, the other two are jailed, after investigations; their case will be forwarded to the court.

According to the information Warvin obtained, one of her jailed brothers is medical assistant and the other is wage earner.

Prep: A.H
Son of an official harasses an actress inside branch 15 of PDK’s building.

(Berivan Jabar), director of (Mirwary) center for cultural and social development of Khanaqin, and well-known actress in Garmian, she is being cyber bullied on facebook in the past few days.

A source from (Peace and Hope for Anana) commission said to Warvin, the incident happened on (May 14, 2013) 4:00pm inside the building of branch 15 of PDK in Khanaqin, an official’s son named (B.S) and another guy intimidated (Berivan) in front of her husband and the guards.

“Berivan responds to them then (B) attacks her with the help of the other guy, he starts hitting Berivan and leave scars on her cheeks and arm, then showers bullets at her.” The source added.

According to a source inside the PDK’s building, (Shex Jaafar Mustafa) the director of the branch will be immediately informed about the incident, then he contacts (B) and tells him to stay away from them until we solve the problem, but (B) and his companion do not listen to him and chase (Berivan) and (R) in their car at 8:00pm, they attack then again near their house. 

According to the information (Warvin) obtained, (R.M) who is Berivan’s husband defends their lives and hits (B).

The source from the branch 15 of PDK told Warvin “Berivan and her husband filed complaint at Khanaqin’s court against (B) and the other guy”

(B) is around 25 years old, and he is a bureau member of branch 15 of PDK in Khanaqin and his father (S.K) is the branch official. 
(Peace and Hope for Anana) commission made a statement about the incident to the public and strongly condemned the violence, and demanded the officials to investigate in the incident.

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