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onsdag 1 maj 2013

Kurdish Genocide

Kurdish Genocide
In 2010, Jim Karygiannis M.P. Scarborough-Agincourt in Canada introduced Motion M-505 in the Canadian House of Commons, which recognized the actions of Saddam Hussein against the Kurds, as a crime against humanity.  The time has come for us to ask that these actions, including the Anfal Campaign and gassing of the Kurds in Halabja, be recognized as genocide. We are asking you to join us, community stakeholders, members, friends and leaders of the Kurdish Community as we call on the Minister of Foreign Affairs to recognize these crimes against humanity as genocide.
We have set up a website which will soon be populated in many languages to assist Mr. Karygiannis to present the request for a Motion to recognize the Kurdish Genocide however he needs our help.

Please pass this email to your friends, family on your email list and ask them to sign the petition:

Please assist us to make this happen.

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