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måndag 6 maj 2013

An expert: “natural Acupuncture therapy should be recognized in the region”

An expert: “natural Acupuncture therapy should be recognized in the region”.

The history of Acupuncture goes back to 4000 years ago, it was widely used by the Chinese people, the therapy’s theory is (treating the patient by getting medicine from the patient’s boy himself) In the Kurdistan region, especially Hawler city, there are doctors who perform Acupuncture here and there, one of them is (Rizgar akrayi) In an interview, that experted talked about Acupuncture and answered Warvin’s questions.

Warvin: what is Acupuncture?
Rizgar akrayi: human’s body has more than 1000 points, we only deal with 366 of them, each of these points has their duties, they are pharmacies for the body, the inner power balances the (Yin and Yang) via these points.

Warvin: What is the difference between Acupuncture and other medical science?
Rizgar akrayi: the difference is that ordinary doctors rely on medicine and examination for the patient, but Acupuncture doctors deny giving medicine to the patient, %20 relies on the examination, and that is only to know the danger level of the illness. %80 relies on checking the tongue and the 60 questions that we ask the patient.

Warvin:  how did you think about performing Acupuncture?
Rizgar akrayi: there were many reasons that made me think about Acupuncture, though I was a graduate from political science department, but my hobby was natural therapy, later I took a course in Cupping therapy but I found out that only %10 of the patients receive treatment via Cupping, and I saw that people in this society take medicine for the simplest diseases, those medicines are chemicals and they are only sedatives which have side effects on the body, that made me think of a therapy without side effects which is Acupuncture.
In 2008, I participated in a 50 hours academic course, and I practiced it or one year, I was the top graduate student, the course was supervised by (Muhammad Shaari) he was Egyptian and was holding an MA degree in neurological disorders, he was invited to the Kurdistan region by the regional government.

Warvin: How do you diagnose a disease in Acupuncture science?
Rizgar akrayi: when a patient visits us and tells us about his disease, we check his tongue and we ask him 60 standard questions related to Acupuncture therapy which have been set by the Chinese people after a lot of researches, we ask the patient and we can diagnose the disease.

Warvin: what kind of diseases can be treated by Acupuncture?
Rizgar akrayi: any disease that could not be treated by the doctors will be treated by the Acupuncture experts, for example we treat (clot, “drug, alcohol and smoking addiction”, weakness, hair loss, acne, etc...)

Warvin: what kind of patients you do not do Acupuncture for?
Rizgar akrayi: pregnant women, cancer patients and those people who have suffered from a disease for years. 

Warvin: what are the side effects of Acupuncture on the body? Comparing to those medicines that people take? 
Rizgar akrayi: Acupuncture is not a medicine, it’s a number of points in the human body and they become medicine for the patient, even if it did not heal the disease, it will not leave any side effects on the patient’s body.

Warvin: this kind of therapy is called (Chinese needle) and it was first used in China, to what extent the west and other countries have recognized it?
Rizgar akrayi: the western countries have recognized this therapy a hundred years ago, and (Israel) is the first country to use Acupuncture in the Middle East, In the Arabic countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt, they have opened a specialized Acupuncture hospital.

Warvin: Is Acupuncture officially recognized in the Kurdistan region? 
Rizgar akrayi: No they have not yet recognized this science in the Kurdistan region, ministry of health does not have a specialized department for (drugless therapy) officially.

Warvin: How many experts are treating people with Acupuncture in the region?
Rizgar akrayi: experts are rare, there are two Acupuncture doctors in Hawler who are experts, the rest are still students, not experts yet.

Warvin: how many people you have treated using Acupuncture?
Rizgar akrayi: I have treated 80 patients, 10 of them were hopeless to recover, they had (clot, ovary bleeding, deafness, diarrhea, etc...) 

Warvin: How many sessions will be conducted for a disease according to the standards? 
Rizgar akrayi: for each patient, 12 sessions will be conducted according to the standards, the needles will remain for 30 minutes on the body per session, sometimes the numbers of the sessions vary according to the disease, if he felt better soon I will stop using the needles, it might go up to more than 45 sessions, for some patient, I will monitor their health even if they recovered.

Warvin: what are your demands?
Rizgar akrayi: I demand the regional government to officially recognize the Acupuncture science, because it does not leave any side effects on the body, let’s take the people back to the nature and prevent them from using chemical drugs.

Profile: Rizgar akrayi was born in 1967 in Baghdad, he is a graduate from Political science department, and now he is a student at the Egyptian Academy for Acupuncture.

Prep: Chro Hussien

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