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lördag 4 maj 2013

Two YPG fighters killed in clashes in Til Temir

ANF - Qamishlo

Two YPG fighters killed in clashes in Til Temir.

In a written statement on recent clashes in Til Temir town of Qamislo, People's Defense Units (YPG) Press Office stated that two YGP fighters have lost their life in clashes with armed groups in Til Temir on 2 May.

YPG Press Office remarked that two YPG fighters, Hewar Zagros code-named Silêman Şêx Mihemed from Efrin and Demhat Nergiz from Dirbesiyê, were killed in the villages of Micebra and Derdara. Clashes in two villages broke out after YPG fighters took the mainly Kurdish and Arabic village of Ayn El Abid, 5 km far from Til Temir, from armed gang groups, said YPG and noted that eleven fighters of these groups were killed and five others taken prisoner in clashes Til Temir in the last two days.
YPG stated that the district of Til Temir is currently under the control of YPG forces and warned the people living there about the armed groups who are reportedly deployed at some points near the district now.
Clashes around Til Temir erupted after the armed groups attacked a patrolling car of YPG on Wednesday and the group El Nusra blockaded the traffic by putting up three check points near the village of Ayn el Abid, located between Qamişlo and Til Temir. Severe clashes broke out as YPG units launched an operation to open the way to traffic.
On the other hand, fifteen Kurdish youngsters were kidnapped by an armed group, called Faruk Cud El İslam Battalion, affiliated to Free Syrian Army (FSA) near Babel air border gate. According to a witness, Zeyneb Ömer, who was among the passengers near those kidnapped, the youngsters were detained while turning back their home from Turkey. Ömer said the armed group allowed only women to enter Efrin and detained all men in the bus.

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