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lördag 25 maj 2013

Many Kurds are working with the Iranian regime in the European countries against Iranian journalists and activists who criticize the Iranian regime.

Many Kurds are working with the Iranian regime in the European countries against Iranian journalists and activists who criticize the Iranian regime.
They are forced to cooperate with Iranian agents because they bought the house and land in Iran also usually fix them Iranian passports.

people who come from the Middle East have very big problem one they lie so easily without repent 2 they do not know what the law and regulations does 3 they do not know what is right and what is wrong, they have two different face with you says a Another thing and comes at me saying another things, they usually talk shit behind your back to each other, although they tend to talk shit about Sweden and speaks to Sweden is an infidel country, it so easy on aching of the opinions of others, what others say.
In this city that I live there many Kurds I can say 95% of them listen to Iranian embassy because they are trying to help the Iranian regime and they usually get the advice of Iranian Embassy when they want to do something against someone in Sweden.
 Right now in Iran regime is to make the presidential election because the Iranian regime supporters in Sweden is very active against Iranian activists abroad, because now Iranian regime has presidential elections and those Kurds are doing working with Iranian agents against Iranian activists and journalists who criticize the Iranian regime.
 One more thing that is absolutely wrong there are Kurdish association in Karlstad them for lots of money Karlstad municipality without doing any good for the Swedish society, what makes them money that usually get from Karlstad municipality? course they take the money and go to Iran where they usually buy the house and land, a man told me when he was chairman of the Kurdish Association in Karlstad he got every mont 97000 crowns all amount went except lumbar and do you know how much but couple years each Month 97,000 crowns become 1,164,000 Swedish kronor couple of years, but this money to fight against crime, fight against violence to bet on childcare and lots of other things that society needs today.
Right now, those Kurds are doing to gather the whole family in the same place in order to take more money from the municipality of Karlstad them can say we have Kurdish compound, but they're smooth with each other.
They celebrated Kurdish and Iranian New Year eve Newroz on Crown land, but it was almost one and half mont them cleaned not by themselves when I published photos and clips of dirty place as Kurds left behind after celebrating Newroz, but cleaning is not behind.
Another will be to tell you about.
They gather up all the welfare money kids money then the kids had to be parasitic things because their parents rar their money and work up the money and go to Iran or Iraq, where usually they buy houses and land. and the kids get no money and they can do everything in order to have some money in your pocket. The thieves things from the Swedes even grouping them then break into society.

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