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torsdag 23 maj 2013

Guy who was freed under the amnesty law, sexually assaults a girl

Guy who was freed under the amnesty law, sexually assaults a girl.

In a statement to (Warvin), captain (Sarkawt Ahmad), media director of Slemani police said: “On Tuesday (May 21, 2013) a girl’s parents filed a complaint at Bakhtiari police station against somebody named (N.H) who has killed his mother, sister and father in 2011.

“Police has arrested that person and we have opened a case to investigate the incident” He added.

According to the information obtained, (N.H) was released from jail under the amnesty law of the president of the Kurdistan region and parliament.

A close source from the incident told (Warvin): “that guy kidnapped a girl in the past few days and sexually assaulted her in Kurd City apartments”.

The girl’s name is (S.B) and she is above 18 years, after arresting the guy, the girl was seen by a doctor for examination and confirmation of the sexual assault.

Captain (Sarkawt) also said: “the girl’s parents accused the guy, but the girl herself claims that the guy is his lover and she has went with him without being forced”.

“The judge ordered to arrest him according to the article (395) of the Iraqi Penal Code number (111) of (1969)” He added 

According to the article (395), if somebody fools a girl by taking her out, have sex with her and promise her marriage. If he will not marry her, his punishment is jailing.

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