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onsdag 29 maj 2013

Sweden supports the Iranian terrorist regime's agents

Sweden supports the Iranian terrorist regime's agents 
next  they say nej nein nejt  vi vill inte ha direkt  reklam
  They put such a write on my door on my entrance door several times temporarily.
They write on a piece of paper and pasted on my apartment's exterior door so no no no no no we do not want the fucking Jews in our country.

get out of here you fucking nigger.

Do you think that Swedish authorities support Iranian terrorist regime. Today I understand that Swedish police cooperate with Iranian agents, I've been terrorized by Iranian agents had cameras on my entrance door right now it says I can not have cameras on my entrance door, because I want to tell everyone about something happens against my door or against me Swedish police have responsibility for what would happened. I can say right now Swedish police support Iranian agents in Sweden, I would like to announce this international.
Police took two cameras plus a little screen that shows up who rings the doorbell or who is behind my apartment door there is enough evidence on the certificate has been sent to five different internationals newspapers since I deleted with me a little camera that is placed at the bookcase could capture people who took my cameras and my screen, all the evidence on all event are abroad with my close relatives.

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