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måndag 27 maj 2013

Woman imitates the dubbed series and attempts suicide

Woman imitates the dubbed series and attempts suicide.
In a statement to (Warvin), a close source from the incident said: “that woman is (27) years old, she lives in Darbandikhan town, on (May 25, 2013) Saturday’s afternoon, she attempted suicide.

The source stated: “the woman is working at the technical institute of Darbandikhan, her family told police that her mental condition is unstable, she was bored and wanted to choke herself”.

According to the medical report, there were traces of rope on her neck, and she had tried to cut her wrist’s nerve later but her family saved her.

The cause of her attempt to end her life is still unknown, police continue investigations.
After transferring her to Darbandikhan emergency hospital, they transferred her to Slemani hospital based on the doctor’s recommendation.

In the dubbed Korean series, one of the ways to end their life was cutting their wrists and the bleed to death.

Suicide attempt of this woman by imitating one of the ways of suicide in the Korean dramas shows the effects of the foreign dramas on the Kurdish viewers.

Prep: Hawre Karim
Female journalist accused of having a sex tape
A hacker opened the webcam of (Huda Khalil)’s personal computer via hacking her facebook, Huda appears normally but some websites blindly published the video titled “sex tape”.

In this context (Huda) wrote a clarification on her facebook page titled “when are you going to stop your accusations and lies!” which says: “my friends are aware of the incident of hacking my account by a low-life person, he has used my account for his nasty purposes and opened my webcam without my authorization to harm my reputation, I do not know when these low-life people stop their accusations, they oppose me even though I do not have any enemies and I hate no one”. 

Regarding the video tape which is published on some websites titled “sex tape”, (Huda) wrote: “anyone who watches the video on YouTube (which is written that I talk with a guy on Skype) will realize that the video is made up and it is not related to me, if we focus on the video, we see that this is the scenario of the low-life person, the video shows that I am doing make-up, not chatting, and I do not talk anywhere in the video, most of the time I am busy with doing the house work and I am not aware that the webcam of my computer is opened”. 

She criticized the lack of legal investigations and wrote: “unfortunately this shows the absence of law and court in our country, these sick people will accuse people and create scenarios for them and nobody will judge them for that”.

After her appearance as a host on an (NRT2)’s show, this is the second time that this woman faces intimidation, first time the y accused her of attacking Islam. 
Regarding spreading the news of “sex tape”, (Rozhnamawani) page which posts about the mistakes in Kurdish journalism, wrote a post titled “the job of journalists is not deceiving the readers” saying: “that tape does not contain any explicit material and it is not fair if any website deceives the readers for a few clicks”.

The also wrote: “it is embarrassing that a website thinks that the readers are fools and mocks them; Huda should file a complaint against that website”.

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