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fredag 31 maj 2013

Sweden has the freedom and the democracy system

Sweden has the freedom and the democracy system, I apologize if I've written called Sweden and anti-Semitism in every country there are good people too that you can find some bad people, after all there are bad people, but if you're going to be justice in Sweden there is very good and nice too honest people, should not put debt in their feelings, they should have little conscience in Sweden the majority people are good and honest, I actually love the Swedish people. 

in Sweden really is my country and I am ready to give my life to this country for Sweden, because in Sweden I can write about my ideas and my opinions without being asked yes I say again Sweden is my country. 
The rights that I have today in Sweden I had not in my country. 
In Sweden there is freedom of speech. 
There are human rights, but unfortunately in closer years discrimination has risen dramatically against both Swedes and those with foreign background as an immigrant from the part of politicians in Sweden, it depends on how well a person with immigrant background skole adapts the Swedish modern society. 
I apologize maybe hurt them good part of the Swedish people that I've written about the event that happened my apartment door in the year one racist person who put an inappropriate note on my apartment door in 2012 between September 12 and October 15, 2012 . 
with best regards Samuel kermashahi

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