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torsdag 23 maj 2013

Poverty forced some of Iranian girls into prostitution

Poverty forced some of Iranian girls into prostitution.

(Parisa) is a fake name of a 23-year-old girl from a middle class family in the Iranian society, she has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Islamic Azad University., with a courageous smile, she talked to (Washington Times) newspaper and said: “On weekends, I sell my body for profit on the streets of North Tehran”.

This girl explained that she has sold her body once for 80 dollars; this sum is three fifths of the salary she was getting from a mid-size tech firm in Tehran. 
She also explained that a huge number of the sons of the rich families in Iran look for prostitutes on the streets of the north of Tehran, and they pay a lot of money for that. 
(Parisa) says ““What choice do I have? If I go back to Khorramabad and leave Tehran, my parents cannot support me”.

The western countries accuse Iran of developing nuclear weapon and they have imposed an economic blockade on the industrial and commercial sectors of Iran.

On the other hand, Iran denied Western suspicions; they say the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

A neighbor of the house that (Parisa) lives in it, expressed outrage at the economic situation which forced our girls into prostitution, all the leader are concerned with is the nuclear program, what program! They have been doing nothing for 30 years! 

Punishment for prostitutes and their clients include lashes and jail terms, but according to (Parisa) police does not interfere in North Tehran.

According to Iran’s law, the prostitute can be executed if she is married, the newspaper wrote “but under this country’s corrupt judicial system, a few dollars can buy off a policeman”.

On the streets of North Tehran, prostitutes negotiate prices with would-be clients through their car windows. Sometimes they will go home with men with the expectation of receiving cash at the end of the night, an approach that often can lead to acrimonious disputes.

(Parisa) claims that she knows her customers very well and can handle them
According to the experts, the economic blockades on Iran did not affect the official of the country; the only victims are the citizens of Iran.

Children and women are the victims of the financial blockade, thousands of children and women are forced into sex slavery daily to make a living.

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