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måndag 6 maj 2013

Seven female killers released under the general amnesty decision

Seven female killers released under the general amnesty decision.

The press conference was supervised by the spokeswoman of Zhyan group (Bahar Munzir), advocate (Mihraban Ahmad) women rights activists; they announced the content of the report which was conducted by Democracy and Human rights development center (DHRD).

According to the report, based on the General amnesty law in the region, number (6) of (2012), 7 people who have murdered women, have been released from Slemani prisons.

At the press conference, (Bahar Munzir) stated that seven female killers have been released from the prison on the general amnesty law and the tribal conciliations; she said “those murderers released because they have killed women”.

“Sometimes the general amnesty law issued to empty the prisons, and the female killers get released on tribal conciliations” she added.

Prep: A.H

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