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fredag 10 maj 2013

Families tell of attack in Kandıra jail

The Turks should stop the violence against the Kurdish people, Turkey must respect human rights also Turkey must respect Kurdish rights 30 million Kurds living in Turkey without having rights

Families tell of attack in Kandıra jail.

Journalist Zeynep Kuray spoke to Habibe Nardan, wife of PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) prisoner Fesih Nardan who was subjected to a brutal attack along with many other inmates by prison officers in Kandıra F Type Prison No 1.

Habibe Nardan told that her husband, 48 years old and jailed for 22 years, has been suffering from arbitrary treatments in Kandıra Prison as well as in Tekirdağ F Type Prison No 1 where he had been staying until one month ago.
Habibe Nardan said that her husband and other inmates, as well as their families, had been attacked by prison officers on a visit day when-she said- the officers had violated the inmates' right to visit.
Nardan told the followings as to the day of attack on prisoners and their families, “An officer came near us and said that the visit time was over, although we still had five minutes left. When my husband objected to him, looking at his watch and saying that there was still five minutes, the officer asked him where he had taken the watch and insisted on opening the watch and searching it inside. Despite the fact that my husband said he had been using the watch for years now, the officer insisted on searching it inside, which made my husband object to the arbitrary treatment. Then all officers assaulted the inmates  in the visiting room and took them out of there. Families therewith also started to react against the officers who after that took all the families to a waiting hall. As several young people started to knock at the door, wanting to know what was going on, ten officers assaulted these young people, badly injuring them and causing a woman to suffer a heart attack”.
Nardan remarked that a number of ambulances had been sent to the prison after the assault by officers.
“They are talking about a peace process but what on earth are these attacks and inhuman treatments targeting prisoners? My husband has lost 63 pounds since he was transferred to Kandıra Prison. What kind of a cruelty is this?”, Nardan asked.
Also speaking about the assault on prisoners, Human Rights Association (IHD) lawyer Fazıl Ahmet Tamer said they had received no answer so far to their demand to see prison administrators.

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