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torsdag 23 maj 2013

A man uses his two wives for begging.

A man uses his two wives for begging.
On (May 14, 2013) 4:00pm, Major (Fakhradin Noori) published a video which is 1:21 minutes long, on his official page on Facebook. In the video, a man admits that he has forced his wives to beg on the streets and make money.

The officer has covered the faces of the women and the man in the video, the title of the video is “watch this conscienceless man trading with these two women”.

The man whose name is unknown says “I got married to my first wife four years ago, and I got married to my second wife one year ago, they have started begging for three months”.

The women’s faces were uncovered, they are holding bags and have collected a few thousand dinars, the officer forces them to put their money on the table and tells one of them “have you bought a house yet!”

We called Major (Fakhradin) whom investigates the women in the video, he said “that man trades with his wives, but since the women do not have a complaint against him, we cannot take any actions legally”. 

“ the man lives in a residential complex outside Hawler, he has three wives, and he got engaged to his fourth wife one month ago, he had forced his wives to beg on the streets” He added.

Warvin called brigadier-general (Abdulkhaliq Talaat) the director of Hawler Police to obtain more information, he stated “we do not have a law that considers the beggars as criminals, they get released”.

Regarding covering their faces, he said: “they publicly beg and this is normal, they have not committed a crime so they hide themselves, there is not a law article about that”.

In this context, a source from directorate of confronting violence against women said, police should not decide instead of the judge and intimidates people, and anybody should not come and present the investigations they have conducted.

“The face of the arrested ones should be covered in the videos according to the human rights basics “He added.

Major (Fakhradin Noori) also stated, the video has been recorded 3 or 4 months ago, and a Kurdish channel has shown it before.

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